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Winsham Parish Council, who have a statutory responsibility for the maintenance of Winsham Cemetery, seek a situation whereby the natural beauty and calm of the Cemetery can be maintained, and make it easy to visit at any time.

Part of an ongoing requirement is the cutting of cemetery grass, establishment and maintenance of hedges and fencing and the development of access and facilities. This
has to be done at reasonable cost, within the provision of the parish precept.

In order to achieve this, the following regulations and guidance has been approved by the Parish Council. These relate, for the most part, to the responsibilities of Funeral Directors in the manner in which graves are to be prepared and completed, but also draw attention to a few general requirements that should be noted by mourners and people maintaining the grave space in the years that follow interment.

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Although maintenance of the grave space or a memorial is not the responsibility of the parish council, the management of the ground space during the settlement period that follows interment is essential during
the eighteen months or so following burial. This involves leveling and restoration of the grass. The cost of this is included within the interment

Mourners are asked to pay particular attention to regulation 11. It is
regretted that restrictions are placed on the placing of flowers, but it is necessary in order to facilitate grass cutting and other maintenance
tasks, which are essential to the good order and appearance of the

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Winsham Parish Council Cemetery Regulations and Fees from 1st April 2024 

For Funeral Directors: 

Winsham Parish Council Privacy Policy Notice April 2023   Please read in conjunction with the Notice of Interment

Interment Form Effective from May 2018  

Plans of Winsham Cemetery

Detailed below are plans of both the Burials and Ashes plots in Winsham Cemetery and are correct as at July 2023

Cemetery Plots Rows A to D 

Cemetery Plots Rows E to H

Cemetery Plots Rows I and J

Cemetery Plots Row K - Ashes

Cemetery Plots Rows L and M


(Off Pooles Lane, Winsham, Chard, Somerset)

Winsham Parish Council has a responsibility placed upon it by the Health & Safety Executive to ensure that Memorials in the Cemetery are safe for visitors and passers-by.

Under the provisions of the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977 (LACO) Article 6(1) the Parish Council has the authority to take immediate action to make safe dangerous memorials.  LACO also allows the parish council to remove an unstable memorial, which presents no immediate risk, once it has posted public notices and sought the permission of the owners (if they can be identified), before taking action.

Due to good management over the years, there are no memorials considered dangerous enough to warrant immediate removal.  Should any memorials begin to cause concern, they will be listed below and the Parish Clerk would like to hear from anyone who has an interest in any memorial stone listed, to ensure that their views are known before the Parish Council takes any action which it considers necessary.

Mrs Kim Larsson

Parish Clerk

c/o Jubilee Hall

Church Street




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