Community Grants

The Parish Council will consider any grant requests on a case by case basis.  To apply, please click here for the Grant Awarding Policy, and here for the Grant Application Form.

It is essential that you read and understand the policy and also complete the application form correctly.  Any decisions made by the members on grant requests is final and not open to appeal.

Please send your Application Form, together with financials, to the Clerk by posting in the Winsham Parish Council's letter box, or by emailing to  



Following the Parish Council's Meeting on the 12th April 2017, the Members agreed to allocate a specific sum of money which would be made available for Grants.  The deadline for receipt of applications in this tranche of grants was 31st August 2017, with any Grant applications considered in the October 2017 Parish Council Meeting.  The recipients of these grants are listed below.

The Grant Awarding Policy and Grant Application Form were sent to David Crisfield at South Somerset District Council (SSDC)  during November 2017 to review the Parish Council's process.  Mr Crisfield suggested minor amendments to the existing policy wording and application form, to make the process clearer.  This became the revised Grant Awarding Policy, as at 7th December 2017 and the Grant Application Form, also as at 7th December 2017.

The Council was delighted to announce recipients of grant funding in their October 2017 meeting.  Congratulations to the following organisations!

£2,000 to Winsham Primary School towards their laptop appeal

£1,000 to Winsham Sports & Social Club towards refurbishing the gents and ladies toilets

£200 to St Stephen’s Church towards a new urn, better porch lighting and a lectern microphone